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Tornado Damage Investigation for Holmes County Schools

Durant, Mississippi
  • Forensic investigation for tornado damage
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Walker was engaged to perform a visual inspection of tornado damage to the Holmes County Schools Learning Center from a Tornado breakout on April 30, 2017.

The school complex includes the main classroom building, multiple outbuildings, athletics fields and bleachers. The property is constructed of modified bitumen flat roofs, asphalt shingles over hipped roofs and portable classroom buildings, standing seam metal roof over field house, gravel topped built up roof over band room, window systems and various interiors.

Walker conducted a forensic investigation to assist the school in post-tornado recovery and repairs. This included investigating tornado damage of roofs, windows, interiors, exteriors, including classroom buildings, walkway canopies, playground, football field, press box, fencing, electric poles and foliage. During the investigation, Walker identified wind damage and breaches in roofing membrane as well as ensuing wind and water damage to interiors. Also, Walker analyzed wind pressures and effects on components and cladding

Walker recommended repairs for roofing, chimney, rooftop HVAC units, window and door systems (frame, glass, gasket, caulking), exterior plaster, and interior wall.

Can Simsir, PhD, PE

Principal / Director of Forensics

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