Walker’s ability to provide problem-solving and building science services for structures makes us qualified for new construction.  Through our restoration experience, we have encountered and mitigated almost every possible design error or construction mistake.  We understand how the different systems of a structure, including roofing, façade, below-grade waterproofing, and structural systems interact with one another.  We know the errors to avoid and how to provide a long-lasting design.

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Building Science

Buildings, by their very nature, are subjected to all aspects of the environment in which they are constructed. Temperature, climate and geomorphic events all impact a building’s performance. Walker’s experienced staff of architects and engineers assist with the design of new and existing building components to minimize potential distress or failures related to the building enclosure, structural integrity, HVAC systems, and overall environmental quality and sustainability. These specialized services are offered to building owners, architects and engineers, and include façade design, peer review, testing, construction reviewing, and commissioning.

Design Peer Review

Building design peer review services are critical to the overall building envelope quality and performance. With the evolution of building materials and construction technology, building owners, developers, architects, and contractors will benefit from Walker’s peer review services as it provides an extra level of quality assurance for the exterior enclosure systems. Peer review services of the following components are offered:

  • Below-grade waterproofing
  • Plaza and podium design
  • Exterior walls and air barrier systems
  • Fenestration assemblies
  • Balcony waterproofing
  • Roofing systems

Building Envelope Testing

Often provided in conjunction with Walker’s Building Science services, diagnostic testing services and site reviews verify the performance, energy, and indoor environmental conditions of new and existing buildings. Quality control measures related to the testing of exterior walls, fenestration systems, and roofing are commonplace in the design and construction industry today. Walker provides the following building envelope testing services:

  • Water intrusion testing
  • Air leakage testing
  • Infrared thermal imaging
  • Air barrier testing
  • Roof uplift testing

Façade & Roofing Restoration

Walker offers comprehensive engineering services for all kinds of facades and roofing systems as follows:

  • Condition survey and evaluation
  • Non-destructive testing such as thermography to pinpoint locations and contributing causes
  • Façade types including terra cotta, stone, masonry, metallic, concrete and glass
  • Different roof types such as to build-up roofs (hot and cold apply), modified bitumen systems, EPDM systems and liquid apply systems
  • Special roofing systems: green roofs, recreational use roof and high energy requirements

Fenestration Consulting

Walker performs assessment and performance testing on existing windows, doors, curtain walls, and storefronts to evaluate non-performance issues and develop repair/replacement programs. We provide replacement design and design consulting, verification testing, and third-party inspection of installations.

Façade Access Davit & Anchor Testing

Walker performs design, inspection, and load testing of façade access support permanent components including: davits, lifeline anchors, tie-back anchors, davit bases, and horizontal lifeline systems per ASTM requirements.


Walker performs peer review of building envelope design drawings, details and specifications to verify that design objectives are met. We provide consultation on building envelope components and system integration; and develop QA/QC programs and observations during construction.

Construction Monitoring and Third-Party Review

Walker provides on-site field visits and consulting during repair construction to observe contractor performance and resolve any field issues that may arise. We review material data, shop drawing submittals and recommend changes as needed. In addition, we address hidden conditions, provide resolutions, and monitor the contractor’s quality control along with answering questions that may arise.

Waterproofing Design

Walker provides waterproofing design services for all building components including below-grade foundations, plaza and podium configurations, balconies, walkways, wall systems, window flashing, and roofing assemblies. From Schematic Design through Construction Documents, Walker develops technical drawings and details for each waterproofing system, assists with product selection, provides specifications, including performance criteria and warranty requirements, and recommends mock-ups and testing provisions that are pertinent to the overall waterproofing design.

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