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Winter weather conditions are starting, making it a great time to preemptively protect your parking structure with a condition assessment.

A parking structure condition assessment provides in-depth information on your structure, including areas in need of repairs that are important for its stability and longevity. A parking structure requires regular assessments and maintenance to keep it in use and extend the service life. The cost of structural repairs is exponential over time. An assessment at regular intervals can reveal issues before they become significantly more costly to repair.

How Can You Save Money and Time on Parking Structure Maintenance?

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Watch this 45-minute presentation by one of Walker’s structural experts to learn about proactive strategies for parking structure asset management and repair.

Walker’s Senior Vice President Al Bustamante, PE covers common types of deterioration and explains why a proactive strategy saves money in the long run.

What is the benefit to hiring an engineer to assess your parking structure?

An engineer’s evaluation of your parking structure can reveal previously unknown deficiencies that can lead to safety hazards and costly repairs. These professionals carefully inspect the exterior structural walls, structural columns, structural support beams, and the exposed portions of foundations to assess the level of deterioration and to provide a recommended prioritization of repairs for you. An engineer can also provide a maintenance repair program to help you plan and budget for repairs.

How can Walker help?

Nationwide, Walker’s condition assessments, asset management plans, and repair designs have been helping government, private, and institutional clients extend the lifespan of their facilities for over 55 years.

Walker’s five- and ten-year asset management plans are tailored to meet the needs of facility managers, developers, and owners, including institutional clients with multiple buildings or parking structures.

Our strategies provide owners with effective planning and budget management tools to maximize available funds for maintenance and repair. The plan includes a baseline evaluation of the existing condition, subsequent periodic repair and restoration, recommendations, opinion of probable cost, and an update of maintenance components based on remaining service life.

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