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Walker has pioneered new methods and set industry standards for restoration and preservation of structures.

We are dedicated to helping owners extend the life of their facilities. We use state-of-the-art restoration and preservation strategies to offer tailored recommendations that enable clients to improve the long-term health and increase the value of their assets.

Our experience includes a wide array of projects for parking facilities, office, medical and institutional buildings, bridges, tunnels, water-treatment facilities, airports, sports/entertainment facilities, and plazas. Compared to overhauls, renovations, or wholesale dismantling and reconstruction, Walker’s approaches are practical and a substantially smaller investment in time and money; and are less disruptive.

Matt Hunt, PE

Principal / Director – Building Envelope, Forensics & Restoration

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Walker's Restoration Expertise

Asset Management Plans

Walker’s five- and ten-year asset management plans are tailored to meet the needs of facility managers, developers, and owners with multiple buildings or parking structures. The plan’s main objective is to provide owners with an effective planning and budget management tool for maintenance and repair. The plan includes a baseline evaluation of existing conditions, subsequent periodic repair and restoration, recommendations, opinion of probable cost, and an update of maintenance components based on remaining service life.

Diagnostics & Testing Consulting

Walker has in-house diagnostic testing capabilities to verify sources of distress or structural integrity and facilitate a greater understanding of the structural system behavior under simulated conditions. Walker also provides short- to long-term behavior monitoring to ascertain ongoing problems. Diagnostic testing capabilities include:

  • Load testing to verify structural integrity
  • Air and water infiltrations testing of exterior wall elements
  • Crack width monitoring
  • Water testing for leakage at building components (plazas, roofs, expansion joints, etc.)
  • Measurements of structural movements and/or settlement

Due Diligence Survey/Property Condition Assessments

Aimed at building owners, developers and investors who wish to gain an understanding of a facility’s condition prior to a potential real estate or financial transaction, the survey outlines the overall condition of the facility. It identifies any immediate or near-term remediation required and provides a range of probable repair costs. Reports are often used by clients during transaction negotiations or financing and are required to be completed with a compressed timeframe.

Foundation Evaluations and Repairs

Walker has evaluated and designed required repairs for several foundation types, including ring wall foundations, machine foundations, retaining walls, slab on grade, shallow and deep foundations. Walker is also experienced in designing new foundations.

Investigations & Assessments

Walker’s professional staff will assess the current condition of the facility, conduct appropriate material and non-destructive testing, identify potentially hazardous conditions, determine not only the extent of the deterioration but more importantly its root cause. Repairs are prioritized, alternatives for remedial actions are presented, and accompanied by a detailed opinion of probable costs. Walker’s engineers and architects work closely with clients to arrive at an implementable course of action.

Litigation/Claim Support and Expert Testimony

Walker has provided attorneys, insurance companies, building owners, and design firms with a wide range of litigation support services. Services include forensic investigations, assessment, testing, as well as structural analysis, and design of buildings and other structures to determine their current condition and provide technically correct solutions to the root cause of non-performance. Our senior specialists are available to provide expert witness testimony, deposition services and mediation/trial support.

Maintenance Programs

Walker regularly prepares maintenance programs for new and rehabilitated facilities. Maintenance programs are developed to assure proper and timely actions to minimize premature failure of building components and systems. Facility maintenance must be performed at regular intervals to be cost-effective. Our maintenance plans include task schedules for all building components, such as floors, roofs, stair/elevators, occupied space, lighting, plumbing and support equipment. Included in all recommended maintenance plans is an opinion of probable cost.

Non-Destructive Testing

Walker utilizes Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) using non-destructive test methods to provide crucial information on a structure without causing damage to the facility. The information gathered is critical in pinpointing root causes of concern or deterioration, and aids in the development of targeted and cost-effective remedial actions. Some of Walker’s NDE capabilities include:

  • Electronic Leak Detection
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Ultra-sonic Testing
  • Ground-Penetrating Radar
  • Impact Echo
  • Half-cell potential testing
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Monitoring

Post-Tensioning Evaluation

Walker has helped develop industry guidelines for both evaluation, repair and/or design modifications to post-tensioned structures. To determine the existing condition of post-tensioning, the following techniques are utilized:

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Exploratory openings
  • Visual examination
  • Pry bar and screw driver testing

Once the condition and operation of the post-tensioning system has been determined, Walker will design practical remedial actions to correct the deficiencies.

Repair Design & Construction Documents

Walker has developed specialized, focused and practical repair designs that will increase the performance and extend the structural service life of the facility. We are familiar with different buildings, construction materials, façade and window systems, roof and plaza construction, bridges, and stadiums. Our detailed construction and bidding documents, coupled with on-site monitoring, reduce potential change orders and verify that repair objectives are met.

Structural Strengthening

Buildings and infrastructure may, over time, deteriorate and exhibit distress from loss of the load-carrying capacities. Walker has the resources and experience to identify possible sources and areas of deterioration, quantify deficiencies, and design remedial actions to restore and strengthen the deficient components.

Our specialists have successfully designed cost-effective strengthening methods using carbon fiber, external post-tensioning, steel plate bonding, and structural section enlargements. We have also been called upon by clients that are configuring their facilities, changing users, or strengthening for higher seismic loads.

System Upgrades

Walker has in-house expertise to ensure that system or renovation upgrades for ADA, seismic, lighting, parking access control equipment, and signage meet local and Federal codes. Additionally, Walker keeps abreast of the latest in energy efficient products, materials and designs.