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Walker’s façade experts can assist you with your New York City FISP inspections (formerly Local Law 11) and The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) report filings.

Navigating NYC’s FISP, formerly known as Local Law 11, can be a complex process. Walker’s seasoned experts can guide you through every step of façade inspections and repairs, all while adhering to the stringent New York City regulations and requirements. Let us assist you in keeping your building up to the mandated standards.

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Walker has a Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI) design professional, certified by the New York City Department of Buildings, to perform these inspections.

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Sara C. Holcomb, PE, QEWI

Sara has worked on numerous façade inspection and restoration projects throughout the five boroughs of New York City, for commercial, residential, hospitality and historic properties.

What Your FISP Filing Status Means

Understanding your building’s façade status—whether SAFE, SWARMP, or UNSAFE—is vital in maintaining its integrity. The FISP report provides a comprehensive insight into the condition of your building’s exterior. Our QEWI certified professional can help you analyze and address your building’s unique façade conditions and assist you in planning necessary actions according to the classification in the report.

The procedures of the FISP program are described in the 1 RCNY §103-04 Chapter 100 Subchapter C Maintenance of Buildings. The NYC DOB also provides a map of filing statuses. 

FISP Report Deadlines

The scheduling of FISP report due dates is directly linked to the last digit of your building’s block number.

Regardless of where your building is in the filing cycle, our consultants are on hand to support you in developing a prioritized action plan, facilitating seamless filings and timely repairs in accordance with the necessary obligations.

Collaborate with our experienced team for tailored façade repair and filing plans.

Missed FISP Filing Deadline

Missing the FISP filing deadline can lead to substantial penalties. It’s critical to respond quickly to avoid additional charges. Contact our team as soon as possible to identify the best course of action to achieve compliance swiftly, helping to prevent further penalties and maintain the safety standards of your building.

Missed the deadline? Contact our team immediately to rectify the situation.

Post-FISP Report Actions

Once your FISP report has been filed, promptly address any conditions marked as UNSAFE. Walker Consultants is prepared to be your ally throughout the process, from strategizing and initiating necessary repairs to submitting an amended “SAFE” report. We’ll help you meet requisite safety standards.

Our team has you covered, from building envelope to parking structure. Contact our full-service team today.

Sara Holcomb, PE, QEWI

Senior Restoration Consultant

Katarzyna Burzynska, AIA

Building Envelope Consultant

Ibrahim Erdem, PhD, PE, SE

Director – Forensics, Restoration and Building Envelope

Gary Syslo, PE, SPRAT Level III 

Senior Restoration Consultant