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Join Mary Smith and Carl Schneeman, PE of Walker Consultants for an overview of planning for EV charging. The discussion is tailored to airports and will cover considerations that will allow you make the wisest investments.

Topics include:

  • Who are the users and how do their needs affect EV charging?
  • How will EV charging be operated, paid for, and managed?
  • Will the EV charging capability need to grow, by how much, and when?
  • What type/level charging should be provided?
  • How many chargers should be provided today; 5 years; or 10 years?
  • What power and infrastructure are required?
  • Where should the EV stalls be located? Close to the electrical room? Closest to the destination?
  • How does accessibility affect EV charging? How much will this cost? What fees do we have to charge to recover the costs?