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Eslam Gomaa, PhD, Design Engineer in Walker’s New York office, was recently published in Volume 391 of Construction and Building Materials, an international journal dedicated to the investigation and innovative use of materials in construction and repair. His paper, “Utilizing waste latex paint toward improving the performance of concrete” investigates incorporating waste latex paint (WLP) into conventional concrete as a partial replacement of sand to improve its durability.

Waste latex paint is expired paint with an abnormal viscosity and a dry, solid film. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources, along with paint manufacturers, provided Eslam and his research team with 50 gallons of WLP for testing. Instead of disposing WLP in landfills, oceans, or other sites that cause environmental contamination, it can be recycled by adding it into concrete.

While WLP slightly decreases the mechanical properties of concrete, it significantly increases concrete’s long-term durability. It also increases concrete flexibility, making it a more sustainable solution for the built environment.

Learn more about Eslam’s research here.