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    Walker’s Can Simsir Article on Oklahoma Earthquakes is Published

    Can Simsir

    An article authored by Walker’s Dr. Can Simsir’s was recently published as part of the virtual proceedings of the 17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering.  The conference covers a wide variety of subjects on earthquake engineering.  Simsir authored the paper, with Walker colleagues Dr. Behnam Arya and Dr. Anurag Jain as co-authors.  Entitled “Performance of Low-Rise Buildings With No Seismic Design In Unanticipated Earthquakes”, the paper presents the seismic performance of low-rise buildings during the Cushing Earthquake in November 2016.  This paper summarizes the lessons learned and identifies the types of damage the buildings sustained, the seismic factors and structural vulnerabilities that contributed to the damage, structural analysis to evaluate the damage, and methodologies for repair and strengthening considering the increased current hazard for the region due to induced earthquakes.

    17 World Conference on Earthquake Engineering

    Earthquake Conference



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