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WALKER’s Emergency Response team was able to respond to clients’ needs within 24 hours and is currently on the ground in Wilmington, N.C. assisting them evaluate the damage to their facilities caused by Hurricane Florence.   Several buildings surveyed have lost entire roofing systems, experienced wind driven water damage and one industrial facility has a partially collapsed pre-cast concrete roof.


Our engineering team is assessing the damage and developing shoring and remediation plans for the hardest hit properties.


If you haven’t seen the extent of the damage, take a look at meteorologist and self-described “extreme” storm chaser Reed Timmer’s video of the damage caused by flooding in Wilmington, North Carolina after Hurricane Florence.


For assistance and more information contact:

Al Bustamante, Senior Director of Restoration
[281] 702-0770 |


Joey Rowland, Managing Principal
[704] 608.0487 |



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