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CATEGORY V: Best Parking Facility Rehabilitation or Restoration


The Durham Parking Structure, built in 1989, is a vital asset for patients and visitors of the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Neb. After nearly three decades, corrosion and leaking were widespread, and severe deterioration of structural members jeopardized safety. The existing parking function also forced circulation patterns that created the perception of a full facility, yet more than 10 percent of the capacity was hidden from drivers and often left unused.

The significant loss of parking precluded demolition, so separate improvement packages were developed to phase improvements, including major structural repair packages, waterproofing, striping, and wayfinding signage. The entire facility was painted to improve reflectivity and LED lighting was installed to enhance safety. Eight phases of closures during two years allowed work to go on 24 hours a day. As the parking function had no significant structural modifications, Nebraska Medicine realized tremendous safety and parking improvements at minimum capital cost. The result is a much-improved parking experience for visitors that will serve the Omaha metro area for decades.

Challenges were mitigated during the project. Walker Consultants designed a new function that implemented separate up-and-down-bound circulation routes. Fifty-two spaces were added by changing the angle of parking from 60 to 75 degrees. Revised circulation routes added 80 spaces, and some 65 accessible spaces were added in protected, convenient parking areas serving patients and visitors.