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The Project:

The University of Missouri (MU) hired Walker to develop a Parking and Transportation Master plan for its Columbia, Missouri campus to serve as a roadway to help guide future parking and transportation decision-making, to help optimize MU’s parking and transportation system, and to recommend customer service enhancements and operational efficiencies.

This Master Plan involved many steps and participants. Input and feedback was gathered through advisory committee meetings, the Department of Parking and Transportation Services, staff interviews, focus groups, a community forum, and a campus-wide online survey.

The Plan:

Walker presented MU with a comprehensive document containing:

  • Organizational Review
  • Stakeholder Input
  • Parking Supply and Demand
  • Supply Management Techniques
  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Techniques
  • Parking Alternatives Analysis
  • Parking Facility Ten-Year Maintenance and Repair Elements
  • Financial Model
  • Summary Recommendations
  • And all of the resulting responses from surveys, meetings, and forums

The feedback:

“The University of Missouri engaged Walker Parking Consultants to complete a Parking and Transportation Master Plan. We have been extremely pleased with their professionalism, timeliness, and product quality. All members of the Walker team … were  available, engaged, and accountable for their product. I recommend Walker without hesitation and plan to utilize their expertise in future strategic planning and implementations. They have proven to be an excellent consulting firm for both short and long-term university parking and transportation needs.”

Michael Sokoff, Director
University of Missouri Parking and Transportation Services

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