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Located in Walker’s Seattle office, Kevin Moore is a Senior Restoration Consultant with an impressive 13 years of experience in the field. Throughout his career, Kevin has consistently showcased his proficiency at addressing both structural and non-structural rehabilitation, structural analyses of buildings, and repair designs.

His academic foundation has led to expertise in seismic probabilistic risk assessments (SPRA), seismic margin assessments (SMA), and key projects like the Post-Fukushima Near-Term Task Force (NTTF) Recommendation 2.3 Seismic Walkdown of nuclear power plants. Kevin is particularly renowned for his work in seismic response analyses, deterministic and probabilistic response evaluations, and seismic fragility assessments of equipment and infrastructures, solidifying his reputation in structural resilience. More recently, Kevin has diverted his focus to his passion for forensic restoration where his ability to develop novel solutions to challenging structural deficiencies has led to safe and economical rehabilitation.