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Leaking Wall Panel Investigation

  • Columbus Area, Ohio
  • Warehouse
  • Condition assessment
  • Leak investigation
  • Water testing

A new distribution warehouse facility exhibited leaking cracks in the façade. Walker was brought in to determine the cause of the leaks.

The warehouse is built of tilt-up wall panel construction with the exterior façade concrete cast in one concrete placement with the structural concrete cast against it in a second placement. The tilt-up panels vary in height with the maximum being fifty feet.

Leaking was observed at cold joints between the two concrete placements at truck dock locations.

The Walker team performed a condition assessment which included reviewing the façade to determine cracking locations, condition of sealants, and overall condition of roof membrane and terminations. To observe the leaking, Walker performed water testing at isolated locations of the façade and found evidence of leaks at existing cracks.

The water testing provided our client with an understanding that water was likely getting in at façade cracks and some sealant locations and migrating within the panel through the cold joint and out at lower cracks in the panels.

Walker provided conceptual repair recommendations and also, recommended performing a mock up and further water testing to confirm repair procedures.

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