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Downtown Vision and Policy Plan

  • City of Winters, California
  • Curb management planning
City of Winters
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Walker Consultants has been working during 2022-2023 with the City of Winters to envision design and operations improvements for their Downtown main street business district and prepare the policy recommendations for areas as varied as street seat dining programs, consolidates waste collection, and weekend festival street closures.

Winters has a vibrant downtown business scene that especially draws many visitors on the weekends, straining parking supply and simply filling up restaurants and shops. At the beginning of Covid the City installed public covered street seats and began a weekend car-free street program. This has been wildly successful but needs updates to the management of the street closure and new designs for the outdoor seating to make the program durable in a post pandemic environment. Most businesses collect waste from the rear alleys. This system is nearly maxed out for capacity and the bins and dumpsters are cluttering the alleys, making them hard to travel through and creating sanitation concerns.

Walker helped prepare design guidelines for both public street seats and private, business-run dining parklets. Walker led an extensive community engagement effort with members of the public and business owners to find middle-ground solutions for the future of the weekend street closures, outdoor dining operations, and waste management program. Walker helped the Downtown Business Association come the agreement about how to manage the wayfinding and business promotional signage program

The street closure program will be run on weekends with a schedule that balances between the needs of restaurants, shops, pharmacies, and other diverse business interests. The street seat and parklet program designs and permit improvements will help bring aesthetic consistency to outdoor gathering areas and clarify how businesses and the City share
responsibility for management. Recommendations for shared, off-site waste collection will improve efficiency, sanitation, and usability of the alleys for circulation and other business operations.

Chrissy Mancini Nichols

National Director of Curb Management & New Mobility

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