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Historic Amelia Island Lighthouse

Condition Assessment

  • Fernandina Beach, Florida
  • Registered historic building
  • Masonry
Condition assessment

The 67-foot-tall Amelia Island Lighthouse is on the National Historic Register and requires routine assessments and maintenance. The City of Fernandina Beach engaged Walker to perform a condition assessment for the historic structure. During the assessment, Walker referred to the Secretary of the Interior Standards for historic preservation.

Along the northern Atlantic shore of Florida, the Amelia Island Lighthouse is the oldest operational lighthouse in the State of Florida. It was originally constructed from bricks re-used in 1839. The structure is comprised of (multi-wythe) brick masonry walls, which range from four feet thick at the base to two feet thick at the top, and which are encased by an exterior, white-painted stucco finish.

Walker performed a structural and enclosure condition assessment and identified:

  • Brick deterioration, including flaking and spalling
  • Efflorescence, indicative of continuous moisture intrusion in the brick wall assembly
  • Deteriorated and cracked areas of exterior stucco

Also, the team performed materials testing for the brick masonry, mortar, and exterior stucco.

After the assessment, Walker provided prioritized repair recommendations that adhere to the Secretary of the Interior NPS Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. Also, we provided detailed opinions of probable cost for specialized historic preservation and restoration projects.

Based on our observations, the lighthouse is considered safe to use and continue to serve as a historic landmark for local visitors. Walker has provided prioritized recommendations and a detailed assessment report that should enable the City to apply for State-approved grant funding for a phased preservation project over the next 3 to 5 years.

The Amelia Lighthouse project was sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of Historical Resources.

Sara Holcomb, PE, QEWI

Senior Restoration Consultant

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