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Walker Webinar–Root Cause: The Value of Forensic Engineering

Thank you to all who participated in our webinar on November 10.  The recording is below, watch Walker Consultants’ forensic engineering experts Al Bustamante and Charles Hammond explore:

  1. Why is forensic engineering important to facility owners, property managers, and attorneys?: We provide a background that explains the value of an effective forensics investigation.
  2. Defects vs deficiency: A structure can have many defects and still not be deficient. We share why the ability to differentiate between these two concepts is valuable for dispute resolution and to properly solve structural, materials, and architectural problems.
  3. Case studies: Our team presents several examples of thorough forensics investigations, including up-close field observations, material sampling and testing, non-destructive evaluation and structural analysis.

Originally recorded on November 10, this webinar is free and open to all.  Al and Charles are available for additional webinars by request.

Al Bustamante, PE portrait

Al Bustamante, PE
Senior Vice President/Managing Director

Charles Hammond portrait

Charles Hammond, PE, SE, CWI, LEED AP
Senior Restoration Consultant  

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