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Dan Kupferman, Walker Parking Consultants’ Director of Car Park Management Systems, has been elected to the International Parking Institute’s (IPI) Board of Directors. A recognized authority on technology and how it is revolutionizing parking, Dan will focus on parking technology issues during his term on the board.

“We are delighted that Dan has been elected to the IPI’s board,” said John Bushman, president of Walker Parking Consultants. “This honor confirms Dan’s status as an industry leader and one of the most respected authorities on parking technology.”
This will be his second term on the IPI board, having also served from 2011-2013. His two year term will commence during the IPI’s annual parking conference in Dallas on June 1st.

In addition to his position on the IPI board, Dan co-chairs IPI’s membership committee and served six terms as president of the New England Parking Council.

“Technology is changing the world, and the impact on the parking industry has been significant,” said Kupferman. “In the coming years technology will continue to reshape our industry, and enhance everyone’s overall parking experience.”