Whether a downtown district, commercial development, event venue, airport, hospital, university campus, or one-of-a-kind unique land use, Walker creates value for clients by performing analyses and developing plans that get people where they need to go. We serve our diverse client base by providing a variety of parking, mobility, transportation and planning analyses that provide user access to a site in a way that meets the individual needs of our clients, in a user-friendly, cost-effective, and sustainable manner.

Meeting the needs of owners and users is the centerpiece of Walker’s parking and transportation planning services, which focus on the following concepts:

  • Inclusivity and stakeholder buy-in
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Tailored solutions and out-of-the-box approaches based on the unique needs of each client
  • Right-sizing of parking facilities to minimize owner’s out-of-pocket expenses and preserve real estate for its highest and best use
  • The application of leading-edge and proven technology solutions

Interpreting and improving public policy is often a component of our planning efforts and we bring real world hands-on experience and implementable solutions to positively impact parking and transportation policies and practices.

  • Airport Landside Plans
  • Mobility Studies & Plans
  • Parking Studies & Plans
  • Shared Parking Studies
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Transportation Demand Management Plans
  • Site Assessments

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