Industrial Rope Access is an access method which allows qualified engineers and architects at Walker to safely access and work at elevated or difficult-to-reach areas. Our industrial rope access program combines specialized training and equipment and project specific plans to safely accomplish project objectives by our staff trained by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).

Save Time and Money with Rope Access

Walker uses industrial rope access to provide clients with cost-effective and efficient solutions for close-up and hands-on surveys without the added disruptions and expense associated with swing-stages, supported scaffolding, or aerial lifts. Elements of buildings and other structures surveyed by industrial rope access include exterior wall and sloped roof facades, vaulted interior spaces, and façades and structural framing of stadiums, monuments, bridges, spires and elevated water tank structures. Examples of services Walker performs with industrial rope access include:

  • Safety inspections required by city façade ordinances
  • Water intrusion and failure investigations
  • Condition assessment for budgeting
  • Pre-design survey for maintenance and repairs
  • Non-destructive testing

Walker also designs and inspects façade access equipment, including rope access anchors.