A Practical Approach to Compliance

Walker Consultants performs OSHA compliance assessments, annual inspections, and load test certification of permanent fall protection and façade access equipment including davits, davit bases, and fall protection anchors.

We implement a practical approach to compliance verification by working as a partner with building owners to develop an inspection and testing program for existing equipment—or the design of new equipment—that satisfies the requirements of OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910 for Walking- Working Surface and Personal Protective Equipment Fall Protective Systems.

Meet the Latest Standards

Walker can help you comply with the latest OSHA regulations for powered maintenance platforms—including permanent davit bases and portable davit arm assemblies— and fall protection anchors, including those used for rope descent systems (RDS).

For all owner-supplied equipment, this includes:

  • An initial engineering load test certification program prior to service
  • Periodic re-certification by load test as necessary, such as after major modification, or at 10-year maximum intervals if applicable
  • Annual visual inspection

Walker can also perform a variety of façade inspections and tests with rope access.