Walker Helps New York Garage Owners Maintain Their Structures

New York City’s Department of Buildings is introducing a new ordinance that will take effect on January 1, 2022: Administrative Code, Article 323, Periodic Inspection of Parking Structures. The rule seeks to ensure personal and property safety via inspections of parking structures by professional engineers, similar to the Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP).

Walker Consultants has provided countless State-mandated condition assessments throughout New York since 2018, when the State issued a similar rule. In addition, our nationwide condition assessments, asset management plans, and restoration designs have aided healthcare, transportation, commercial office, mixed-use, retail, government, residential and private clients for over 55 years.

Walker’s New York office staff, located in the heart of midtown, is prepared to assist parking structure owners in maintaining their occupancy permits and extend the lifespan of their properties.

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Ibrahim Erdem, Ph.D., PE | Senior Consultant

Let Walker guide you through the ordinance

Condition Assessment Report

A Walker Consultants engineer performs a condition assessment on a parking structureWalker’s professional staff will assess the current condition of the facility, conduct appropriate material and non-destructive testing (as needed), identify potentially hazardous conditions, and determine the extent and cause of deterioration, if any. Our team of experts then composes the condition assessment report and files it with the NYC DOB, per NYC DOB requirements. Finally, the team assigned to each project works closely with clients to arrive at an implementable course of action.

Annual Observation Checklist

Proper and timely actions can minimize premature failure of building components. Walker will also prepare an observation checklist that owners or their agents must record annually to comply with the ordinance. We have significant experience in the assessment of deterioration in new and existing parking structures, and our staff will prepare a customized observation checklists specific to your facility.

Line graph depicting the deterioration of structures over time, with the data representing facilities with and without preventative maintenance and routine repairs

Walker plans and designs repairs

Repair Design & Construction

If deterioration is discovered during an inspection, Walker can prepare repair designs for the parking structure. We understand how the different structural systems interact with one another including building uses, construction materials, facade systems, roofs and plaza construction. Our breadth and depth of knowledge results in practical solutions that are less disruptive and are a substantially smaller investment in time and money.

Asset Management Plans

Over time, parking structures show signs of need that manifest in several ways such as a weakening waterproofing membrane, cracking and spalling concrete, steel corrosion, and elemental deterioration.

Our goal is to prevent this.

Graph comparing cost over time of preventative maintenance (steady over time, lower overall) vs reactive repairs (sudden, large cost jumps)

Walker’s five- and ten-year asset management plans are tailored to meet the needs of facility managers, developers, and owners, including institutional clients with multiple buildings or parking structures.

Our strategies provide owners with effective planning and budget management tools to maximize available funds for maintenance and repair. The plan includes a baseline evaluation of the existing condition, subsequent periodic repair and restoration, recommendations, opinion of probable cost, and an update of maintenance components based on remaining service life.

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Ibrahim Erdem, Ph.D., PE | Senior Consultant

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