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Maximize Your Airport’s Revenue with Parking Structure Condition Assessments

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Optimize performance and profitability with our expert evaluations.

Parking structures often represent the first or second highest source of income for airports, making their upkeep vital to financial strategies. For many travelers, these structures are their first interaction point with an airport when starting their journey. This makes maintaining the structural health of airport parking crucial to operational efficiency and a good customer experience, thus maximizing revenue.

Condition assessments offer detailed insights into a parking structure’s current state, pinpointing issues like structural integrity, waterproofing failures, and general wear and tear that can significantly impact operational efficiency and safety. Early detection and maintenance extends the lifespan of these assets and significantly mitigates escalating repair costs, thereby safeguarding revenue streams and minimizing operational disruptions.

What does a condition assessment entail?

The evaluation can include:

  • Visual assessment of structural components
  • Assessing surface conditions and evaluating repair options (if any)
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of waterproofing, sealers, and other protective finishes
  • Providing cost-effective repair recommendations based on the urgency of repairs
  • Development of future maintenance plans, ensuring minimal disruption to normal operations

Discover expert insights

An engineer’s evaluation is essential to accurately assess structural health and safety. Professional oversight helps identify potential risks that could lead to costly repairs or, crucially, safety hazards. Professionals can assess structural components, mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems, and waterproofing measures, providing a foundation of information to support the safety of users and the long-term durability of the structure. An engineer will also recommend preventative maintenance measures and prioritize repair actions to optimize your budget and project timelines.

Click below to watch a comprehensive webinar featuring Senior Vice President Al Bustamante, PE. In this session, he delves into common types of parking structure deterioration and demonstrates how proactive maintenance strategies can significantly reduce costs over time.

How can we help?

Walker’s restoration staff specialize in parking structure condition assessments. Whether it’s inspecting older facilities, routine maintenance checks, or newly built assets, our goal is to identify the root cause of the issue and mitigate its recurrence. We bring the expertise necessary to evaluate structural integrity, improve operational efficiency, and develop a comprehensive asset management plan.

Our proactive approach to maintenance and restoration can extend the lifespan of your parking assets and help them to continue generating significant revenue without interruption. A well-maintained parking structure is more than just a part of airport infrastructure; it’s a crucial element of your financial success.

Enhance the longevity and profitability of your airport parking structures. Contact Jeffrey Smallidge today to discuss how we can optimize your parking asset management for sustained success.

Jeffrey M. Smallidge, PE, LEED AP BD+C
Director of Aviation Services & Director of Business Development

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