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As Spring in in full swing and the last of the frost has thawed, it’s a crucial time to proactively assess and maintain your property. Winter’s harsh conditions often leave behind issues in various structures—from office buildings and medical facilities to parking structures—that if neglected, could lead to costly emergency repairs.

Roof Maintenance is Key

Roofs are particularly susceptible to winter damage. Regardless of age, roofs in northern climates endure months under snow and ice. This exposure can compromise the integrity of vent stacks, sealant pockets, and expansion joints, often leading to seal failures and damage to flashings due to ice expansion and contraction. Moisture can infiltrate these compromised areas, potentially causing significant internal damage. It’s vital to inspect your roof as the winter ice recedes to identify and remedy any issues before the spring rains exacerbate them.

Examine Your Exterior Walls

Exterior walls endure repetitive freeze/thaw cycles that can lead to a variety of structural issues, including cracks, spalling mortar, and shifting materials. These symptoms not only signal water intrusion but may also indicate more severe structural problems like failed anchorages or corroded support steel. It’s important to have these potential risks assessed by a licensed engineer or architect to ensure the structural integrity of your building.

Don’t Overlook Parking Facilities

Parking facilities, often being more exposed, face a range of weather-related distresses. Issues such as concrete cracking, dislodged concrete, and damaged joints or sealants are common and can be exacerbated by plowing and erosion. Addressing these problems promptly can prevent further deterioration and extend the lifespan of the structure.

Maintenance Action Plan

As the weather clears, take the time to review the condition of your structures. Identifying the root causes of winter-induced damages and developing cost-effective repair strategies are essential steps in extending the longevity of your buildings.


Let Walker Consultants assist you in navigating the complexities of building maintenance this spring. Our expertise can help enhance the protection of your assets throughout the year.