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    March 31, 2022 | Webinars |

    Webinar: Are Your Parking and Transportation Policies Affecting Housing Affordability?

    Housing affordability and availability are of critical importance everywhere—and especially in the Pacific Northwest. Is your community inadvertently undermining the sustainability of your housing market with outdated parking and transportation policies?

    That’s a scary question. In this webinar, Mallory Baker, Walker’s Pacific Northwest Planning, Operations, and Technology lead, and Toole Design Group’s Quinn Kelly offer answers and tangible action steps to help communities leverage parking requirements, transportation policy, and street infrastructure to promote affordable, long-term housing creation.

    “Our Pacific Northwest communities are grappling with the challenges of rapid growth and an imminent need for affordable, sustainable housing stock. We’re proud to offer clear solutions that cities, towns, and public agencies more generally can immediately put into practice when it comes to building parking and transportation policies that support this existential goal,” – Mallory Baker

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