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Walker Consultants pays tribute to Frank Transue, PE, SE, our former CEO and Chairman, who passed away on August 27, 2021. Our heartfelt condolences are with Frank’s family during this difficult time. Frank left an indelible mark on Walker as a result of his 49 years of contributions toward the expansion of the company’s 25 offices and the parking industry on an international scale.

Transue began his career during the Auto Age and the transformation of America by the personal vehicle that led to a newfound need for parking in communities across the country. Through Transue’s leadership, Walker pioneered new approaches and widespread benefits to cities and towns during a time that didn’t acknowledge parking as the valuable strategic asset that we now know it to be. While he was an engineer rather than a planner, he was a visionary and understood the importance of parking planning as a vital part of urban development.

John Bushman, PE, Walker’s current Chairman and CEO, shares that “Frank had a long and storied career, but those who knew him will best remember him for the instrumental role he played in helping transform the parking industry and the field of parking consulting.  Although Frank would never say so himself, the massive success of the industry over the past half-century carry on from his legacy.”

Transue joined Walker in 1968 and opened the Walker Chicago office in 1972. In 1986 he was promoted to President and then appointed to Chief Executive Officer in 1993 and elected Chairman of the Board of Directors in 1999. Retiring in 2017 as Chairman Emeritus, Frank continued to enjoy his love of fly fishing and golfing along with a variety of entrepreneurial interests that included his lifelong support of the YMCA.

We honor Frank’s many contributions and celebrate his life and passions that continue to thrive throughout our organization. Remembered fondly and always, from your friends and colleagues at Walker.