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A Walker team of transportation planners and designers participated in the ITE Micromobility Sandbox Design Competition in April of 2020 to design a mobility hub for East Bridger Avenue, in Las Vegas, NV.

The team’s overall vision for the East Bridger Avenue corridor was focused on providing greater connections and access to locations throughout downtown Las Vegas by creating multi-modal transportation options in the form of “Smart Mobility Hubs.” These hubs provide informational kiosks with links to transportation information, passenger pickup and drop-off zones, and include protected bicycle facilities and new micromobility options for improved accessibility.

View the full plan (PDF) >>

Walker’s eight-person team was comprised of members from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Phoenix. With varied experience and contexts to draw from, the Walker team was able to approach the design challenge with multiple viewpoints to develop a comprehensive design that could work in a variety of contexts while also uniquely tailored to East Bridger Avenue.

The design competition was held in conjunction with the 2020 Virtual ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibition. The goal of the ITE Micromobility Sandbox Design Competition was to identify innovative solutions where current and future micromobility could co-exist with both faster- and slower-moving transportation options.

As the use of micromobility continues to grow, the need for modifying downtowns, both on the curb and the street, will be important to improve accessibility.