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As we begin to see signs of spring, it is time to spring into action to proactively assess and repair your assets. From roofs to walls, windows and doors—or parking structures—winter conditions can create problems that, if left unattended, could result in the need for emergency repairs later.

Roof systems are the most vulnerable to winter damage. Whether new or old, if you live in a northern climate your roof has likely been covered in snow and ice for the duration of the winter. These conditions can lead to failed seals at vent stacks, curbs, sealant pockets and other penetrations, expansion joint damaged, and failures or damage to flashings from expanding and contracting ice. Any of these deficiencies can provide an entry path for moisture into the roof system and, potentially, the building interior. Roof systems should be inspected as soon as the snow and ice melts to identify any deficiencies that have developed over the winter and to have those corrected before the spring rains begins.

Exterior wall systems of all types can be affected by repetitive freeze/thaw cycles. Cracking and spalling mortar, masonry, sealant failures, and shifted materials can indicate problems caused by water intrusion and freeze/thaw cycles. These conditions also reduce the ability of the wall system to resist water entry and result in water paths to the interior. Additionally, shifting materials can indicate more significant problems such as failed anchorages or corrosion of support steel which should be inspected by a licensed engineer or architect.

Parking facilities are generally open structure and are especially vulnerable to weather conditions. Many different distress conditions can be encountered including concrete cracking or loose concrete that has fallen off beams, columns, or ceilings, joints or sealant that are damaged and/or leaking, traffic topping/waterproofing systems that may have been damaged by plows, excessive wear, or erosion, etc.

What to do?

If you encounter any items requiring repair or wish to have an overall assessment of your asset completed, please give me a call to discuss your facility concerns. We can help you identify the root causes of issues and develop cost effective repairs to extend the life of your building.

Al Bustamante
Senior Vice President/Managing Director