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Christina Jones, CAPP, MBA of Walker’s Denver office has conducted extensive research about inhabited vehicles and their relationship to public parking systems.

You may download a 7-page white paper that Christina has prepared on the topic, and review a webinar she presented for the Southwest Parking and Transportation Association.

The nomadic lifestyle represented by inhabited vehicles has grown exponentially over the last decade—by some estimates, over 300% in the last 3 years. These vehicle inhabitants by choice are adding to the existing population of those inhabiting vehicles due to housing challenges, also growing in number as living costs rise during the economic downturn. Inhabited vehicles parked on-street reduce turnover of parking supply, create environmental issues, and contribute to congestion and unsafe travel conditions. This webinar presents regulations and programming in use throughout the Mountain Region and West Cost intended to mitigate the impacts of these vehicles on the parking system, including a discussion of several successful partnerships and their challenges and outcomes.

Webinar learning objectives include:

  1. Identify the typical impacts common types of vehicle inhabitants have on on-street parking.
  2. Explore examples of current regulations and programming in use.
  3. Learn about steps to effectively address the challenges related to parking inhabited vehicles on-street.