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John Dorsett‘s article was featured in the February 2021 issue of the ITE Journal. In his article, “Parking Requirements for Limited-Service Hotels,” John discusses the key findings and conclusions from a study of parking demand at five hotels located in South Florida. The study’s objectives were:

  • To identify and reference industry standards for limited-service hotel parking requirements;
  • To create a database of limited-service hotel peak hour parking generation ratios that is based on the number of parking spaces needed per hotel guest room, the variable most commonly referenced by municipal codes; and
  • To summarize findings by mean, median and 85th percentile values.

Cover of ITE Journal Article "Parking Requirements"The article breaks down the impact of TNCs on hotel parking demand, distinguishes types of hotels, and shares the methodology, research, and field data collection results.

Turn to the Industry Update section on page 43 to read “Parking Requirements for Limited-Service Hotels.”