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    January 18, 2021 | News, Restoration, Videos |

    Walker’s Unique Solution Makes Condo Restoration Feasible

    Aerial view of facade restoration underway at Appletree Square Condos

    The residents of Appletree Square Condominiums enjoy panoramic vistas of the Minnesota River valley. Over the years, residents added solariums to enclose their balconies. Unfortunately, these solariums were not properly installed, causing numerous and widespread water intrusion issues.

    To restore the façade’s integrity, the solariums needed to be removed and replaced. The building’s location atop a river bluff—and next to a national wildlife refuge—made construction access difficult. The condo association faced the prospect of adding a half-million-dollar retaining wall below the building simply to enable work to begin. There was also the possibility of losing their solariums, along with the special noise-abating doors and windows residents had invested in to minimize noise from the nearby airport.

    Read on to learn how Walker found a restoration solution that worked for the building owners and residents >>

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