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Recent promotions for Brad Navarro and Dave Ryan were showcased under “Movers and Shakers” in Parking Magazine’s December 2020 issue. Congratulations Brad and Dave!

Justin Chang’s article featuring his work on Cal State LA’s Parking Structure E was published in the December issue of Parking Magazine’s “Facility Spotlight”. Justin led the Walker team as the Structural Engineer of Record on this very complex and technically advanced project. Great work, Justin! A link to the article is provided here.

Parking Today magazine featured an all-Walker panel of Sue Thompson, An Nguyen, and Kevin White discussing “What Does a Consultant Bring to Parking Planning” in their December online issue. Our team describes the parking consultant’s critical contributions and value to the planning process. Please read Sue, An, and Kevin’s article here.

A big thank you and congratulations to each of our authors for your contributions to our industry!


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