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The Future of Driving: What We Know, What We Should Know, and What’s Next

Walker’s Carl Schneeman, Principal from Minneapolis was recently published in NPA May Issue of Parking Magazine.  In it he writes about the future of mobility in (primarily) urban areas.

Experts for years have said AV’s will eliminate the need for parking, expand transportation to masses and be a cure-all for all ecological issues related to automobiles.  Changes are happening, we can see the results in our cities, especially with regards to the slow death of taxis and growth of TNC’s (Uber and Lyft). The demand for electric vehicles and hybrids is still very low causing a halt to the shift of electric vehicles.  Technologies for AV’s are proving to be more difficult and costlier than expected and our roadways, in the US, are in such a state of deterioration that further development of this technology proves challenging.  So with all of these issues affecting the future of mobility, how do we move forward to grow the advantages for future generations of urban dwellers?  Read more here.