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Walker’s David Lieb was recently appointed to the inaugural ACT TDM Certification Board of Trustees.

David Lieb, Nat. Dir. of Higher Education Mobility Planning

Association for Commuter Transportation Announces Appointment of Inaugural TDM Certification Board of Trustees

The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT), as part of its effort to establish the first certification program for Transportation Demand Management professionals, has announced the appointment of the first members to the Certification Board of Trustees.  As the certification program’s governing body, Trustees will immediately take on the task of finalizing the development of the certification program’s policies, procedures, and exam.  The TDM certification program will establish standards of knowledge and skills for TDM professionals and support their continuing education and professional development.

 The role and importance of the TDM professional has continued to expand as communities and private employers deal with increased congestion in urban cores, mobility challenges in rural and developing regions, the growth of new business districts, shifting commuter patterns, demand for convenience, and the development of technologies that have created more mobility options.  This certification program will lay the foundation for ensuring that highly qualified individuals are available to meet the challenge of addressing the diverse needs of commuters, communities, and employers.

Certification has long been sought by TDM professionals working to advance commuter programs and mobility services within their communities and work sites”, stated David Straus, Executive Director. “I am honored to welcome and introduce our Trustees, who together, bring decades of experience and leadership within the TDM industry to lead this important program.”

 Individuals appointed by the ACT Board of Directors to serve as Trustees, include:

  • Jessica Alba, Stanford University
  • Aaron Gaul, UrbanTrans
  • Chris Hagelin, City of Boulder
  • Debbie Henry, The TMA Group
  • Daniel Kaempf, Metro
  • Andrea Leary, Northeast Transit Planning & Management
  • David Lieb, Walker Consultants
  • Malika Reed Wilkins, Atlanta Regional Commission
  • Peggy Schwartz, TAP
  • Kristin Slaton, AECOM

The first TDM Certification Exam is expected to be held in the fall of 2019.


Visit Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) for more information.