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October 15, 2018 | Conferences |

Smith & Wagner to speak at 2018 NPA Conference




This years National Parking Association conference will be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, October 22nd-25th.   Both Mary Smith, PE, Senior Vice President and Casey Wagner PE, Executive Vice President will be presenting sessions on the Future of Parking.


Mobility Trends: TNC’s – What We Know, What We Should Know – What’s Next

Mary Smith and Carl Schneeman will present The impact of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) on the future of transportation and parking still remains an unknown. The common perception is that parking will be negatively, if not fatally, affected by these developments. Professional insiders take a more measured approach. Drawing on her considerable research, Mary Smith, PE Senior Vice President presents the latest forecast on parking demand, and its implications for the industry. Her colleague Carl Scheenman will present the latest data on ride-hailing and its impact on parking demand in the short to medium term.

Armed with this information learn what is the best and most effective response that the parking industry can make to the changes in terms of parking facility design, adaptive reuse of structures, and other accommodations for a future with changing transportation styles.



The Future of Municipal Parking: An Overview

Casey Wagner and Jim Corbett, Consultant will present how parking impacts our lives every day, and while important, it is rarely considered by municipal planners, government officials, or commercial developers.  This informative session will demonstrate why municipal parking planning must be part of any city’s urban plan and how it can promote economic growth and improve the quality of life for residents.
Casey and Jim will explore:

  • How municipal parking planning should be used as part of any city’s urban plan
  • What are the most important aspects of any successful municipal parking plan
  • How to avoid the common planning pitfalls or mistakes
  • The success metrics that city planners should use
  • How city planner can replace that lost surface parking to meet both current and future needs



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