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The Hilton Houston Post Oak Parking Structure (the Garage) is a 3-story precast concrete structure built circa 1970. The garage has a footprint of approximately 110 feet by 220 feet and approximately 300 parking stalls. The structural frame consists of precast pre-stressed concrete double-tees supported by wall panels with concrete haunches, inverted tee beams, L-beams, and columns. After performing a cursory walk-through, Walker determined that while most of the garage was in generally fair condition, there were several locations in poor condition. Walker performed additional field observations of the structure, followed by design and construction documents and construction phase services.

Our Work

During the field observations, Walker identified widespread spalling of the concrete floors and drainage issues. The biggest challenge was developing a repair plan that could be successfully implemented while allowing the garage to remain in-service during repairs.

Typically, Walker performs similar projects using a phased approach consisting of a condition appraisal followed by design and construction documents and construction phase services; however, at the request of the Owner and considering that Walker has extensive experience on parking structures, Walker’s scope of services excluded the condition appraisal except for performing field observations to document types and extent of distress conditions that require repairs.

The Goal

The objectives of this project were to:

  • Perform design of repairs
  • Develop drawings and specifications for the repairs
  • Provide opinions of probable repair cost
  • Provide construction phase services, including contract administration and construction monitoring

The Solution

In order to address serviceability concerns and drainage issues, as well as extend the service life of the structure, Walker developed a repair program consisting of the following items:

  • Concrete repair for the deck, columns, double-tee elements, walls, exterior panels, and beams
  • Seal joints and cracks
  • Apply a vehicle traffic coating system
  • Add supplemental floor drains
  • Replace trench drains
  • Clean and paint exposed edges of steel bearing plates
  • Paint walls
  • Re-stripe traffic markings
  • Paint garage exterior

The work was completed within the budget estimated by Walker and one month ahead of the anticipated schedule. No add change orders were issued on this project.


This project was recently awarded the 2017 Award of Excellence from the Texas Parking and Transportation Association in the Parking Structure – Restoration category!