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Greg Neiderer had an article titled “Maintenance Matters” published in the July 2013 issue of the Parking Professional.  This article features real life case studies of three nearly identical garages with differing levels of maintenance that all required restoration in the mid 2000’s.  The well-maintained garages had significantly lower annualized repair costs, while repairs for the lightly-maintained garages cost two to four times demonstrating that on-going structural maintenance programs do lower the total cost of ownership.

Greg is a Principal in Walker’s Philadelphia office and is responsible for restoration projects in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Greg has been with Walker since 1996 and has over 30 years of engineering in both commerial and industrial restoration and new construction.    He is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York and New Jersey.

Maintenance Matters