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Dr. Enrique Villalobos is a Restoration Consultant at Walker’s Charlotte office. Enrique has 9+ years of industry experience and 3 years of research experience. Enrique manages and works on projects that include structural assessments, analysis, design, retrofit, and repair of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, wood, and steel structures. Some of these structures include office buildings, apartment buildings, parking garages, health-care buildings, pedestrian and highway bridges, industrial facilities, and stadiums.

His doctoral research focused on the seismic response of reinforced concrete structural walls with geometric and reinforcement discontinuities. Over eight publications have originated from Enrique’s research. Enrique has participated in reconnaissance trips in Japan and Ecuador to document the properties of reinforced concrete buildings affected by earthquakes. Additionally, Enrique collaborates as a peer reviewer for the scientific journal Revista Métodos y Materiales of the University of Costa Rica.



Doctor of Philosophy, Civil Engineering, Purdue University

Master of Science, Civil Engineering, Purdue University

Licentiate in Civil Engineering, Universidad de Costa Rica